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Welcome to LexOvations
For over 40 years, Lexington Insurance has been a market leader with innovative solutions to new and complex risks.
Click on the links below to see how we are developing protection to help address everything from tough liability risks to
sophisticated property exposures.
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CarbonCover® ODS
CarbonCover® ODS from Lexington Insurance addresses these emerging needs of the climate change and greenhouse gas emissions sector. This innovative property insurance policy is designed for project developers who are collecting tangible physical assets for the purpose of creating emission reductions and carbon offset credits.
Law and Ordinance Upgrade
Law and Ordinance Upgrade is Lexington's newest enhancement for its Higher Education, Healthcare and Commercial Real Estate Property policyholders. In the event of a covered loss, Law and Ordinance Upgrade covers costs to rebuild insured property to building codes and safety standards in accordance with the latest published International Building Code (IBC) or International Existing Building Code (IEBC) even if the local applicable building codes have not yet adopted those standards.
Due to a technology professional's negligence, organizations completing IT-related projects may suffer losses not recoverable from that professional because of a contractual limitation of liability. Parity, Lexington's Technology Contract Risk Policy, responds by covering business interruption losses, amounts owed to the insured's clients, costs to correct the error, and expenses to engage a new technology vendor to complete the project, if necessary.
The environmental conservation and mitigation banking sector has grown tenfold in the past decade. It's a fast-growing niche, with a fundamental risk: The owners and operators of these banks can sell habitat credits - and realize investment income - only after their ecosystem is approved by regulators. If approval is delayed because the delicate habitat is damaged by a flood, wildfire, or other natural peril, the owner will lose credit income and face costs to restore the site to the state it was in before the damage. Bank owners and operators can insure the losses arising from physical loss or damage to their bank both before regulatory certification and after...with LexEcoBank℠ from Lexington Insurance.
Spoliation Insurance Program - Now Expanded.
Lexington's Spoliation Insurance program is designed to protect against claims arising from direct physical loss or damage to property that serves as material evidence in a legal proceeding. Spoliation coverage also insures against liability for monetary damages, settlements, and defense costs for claims alleging a breach of professional duty. Now, coverage is provided across multiple professional and property public lines, for insureds including lawyers, accountants, testing facilities, and document and property storage facilities.
The last thing any construction project owner wants is unexpected cost and delay during construction. Yet that is what is occurs when archaeological resources are overlooked during planning and unearthed after a project is underway. Now, the costs and construction delays arising from such finds can be insured ... with LexArchaeology℠.
ITC Energy-48℠
ITC Energy-48℠, Lexington Insurance's energy investment tax credit insurance program, extends coverage for the property loss exposure and professional liability exposure associated with energy-related investment tax credits, pursuant to Section 48 of the IRC.
RecallResponse®, from Lexington Insurance, provides coverage for product recall expenses, as well as liability to third parties, in the event of a recall of an insured's finished and component goods. Insurable expenses can include the costs associated with notifying customers, shipping and disposing of a recalled product, repairing and replacing the product, and refunding customer payments for the product. Expenses associated with extra warehousing and extra personnel required to support a recall can be insured as well.
CrisisResponse®XS for Cat Excess Liability's excess EPL policies.
When an insured faces an employment crisis event, an effective, strategic public response can be critical in helping to mitigate potential damages to the company's reputation and bottom line, and even diffuse the situation altogether and head off a claim. Chartis' renowned CrisisResponse®XS coverage is designed specifically for this reason, and is now available as an endorsement to Cat Excess Liability's excess EPL policy.
Lexington Insurance Company Introduces LexAir Transport Rx℠
LexAir Transport Rx gives hospitals ground-up aviation liability insurance for non-owned aircraft and aviation operations. Provided in conjunction with Lexington's commercial umbrella liability insurance, the policy is an easy and cost-efficient way to address a vital exposure that is often overlooked.
Lexington Expands Product Liability Insurance with Product Withdrawal/Recall Coverage Endorsement
Lexington insureds can now help protect their increasing product liability exposures with a new endorsement from Lexington, in conjunction with the Crisis Management division of WorldSource, a division of Chartis. The new coverage enhancement provides protection against product withdrawal or recall expenses, including those from claims that allege loss of profit resulting from a product recall event.
Lexington Insurance Company Joins Forces with National Equipment Register
Through a relationship with the National Equipment Register (NER), Lexington provides a theft deductible waiver to its policyholders in the event that registered heavy equipment is lost or stolen and a theft reward reimbursement if the person(s) responsible are apprehended. Policyholders benefit from NER's equipment registration and marking services which help increase the recovery rate of stolen equipment, as well as the theft prevention advice and reference materials, training seminars, and more.
Solutions for the Construction Industry
Lexington and Chartis provide an unparalleled range of products and services for design professionals and contractors of all types and sizes including Construction Liability, A&E Professional Liability coverage, Construction Property, Programs, and Cat Excess Liability solutions.
Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Insurance Program
Lexington's new Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Insurance program is designed to protect owners, developers, and investors against financial losses arising from the loss or recapture of federal tax credits on low income housing properties.
Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
The healthcare industry requires unique insurance solutions for its complex and wide-ranging exposures, from specialized medical liability insurance, product recall liability insurance, and coverages for life sciences-related products and activities; to the more typical property, automobile, and workers' compensation coverages. Lexington and Chartis have the experience and expertise needed to provide innovative solutions for healthcare organizations that focus on the specific needs of these healthcare industry segments.
CrisisResponse for Healthcare
Lexington's Healthcare insureds now have access to our CrisisResponse coverage, providing immediate support and resources needed in the aftermath of a crisis event. Available as an endorsement to our general primary liability or lead umbrella policy forms that are provided to hospitals, long term care facilities, outpatient facilities, and physician groups, CrisisResponse provides insureds with the funds and professional support needed to implement a crisis management plan, respond to the immediate needs of affected individuals, and mitigate potential reputational damage.
CarbonCover Design & Confirm
CarbonCover Design & Confirm provides enhancements to broaden Lexington's Architects & Engineers Professional Liability Insurance to respond to claims arising from greenhouse gas consulting and emission reduction verification services.
Premier Excess II XS
With its smart and simplified design, Premier Excess II enables you to efficiently replicate primary protection for your clients. It's true follow form coverage that's highly versatile, capable of following form to one or more financial lines coverages, including directors and officers liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, and errors and omissions liability insurance.
CrisisResponse XS
CrisisResponse XS, a new insurance solution from Cat Excess Liability, provides immediate access to funds needed to expedite recovery in the event of a potentially catastrophic casualty crisis. The policy also provides up to $250,000 additional limits outside of the policy limit and excess of the Chartis insurer's lead umbrella policy, for immediate use following a crisis management event.
LexPILOT (Property-Income Loss-Ocean Transit)
Insureds can alleviate worries about gaps or overlaps in real property and marine cargo coverage by insuring both facilities and international shipments with our integrated all-risk solution. Designed for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors, coverage also gives insureds access to the superior loss control, claims and loss management expertise of Chartis worldwide.
Savvy "LexTransFormers" use our claims-made casualty solution to defer higher occurrence premiums into the future, while maintaining long tail claim reporting capabilities. The policy comes with an extended reporting period (ERP) that may be purchased for a pre-set fee when insureds convert to a Lexington occurrence policy up to six years down the road. Insureds can stretch insurance dollars today, without sacrificing long tail liability insurance tomorrow.
In response to the loss exposure concerns expressed about nanotechnology, Lexington Insurance provides Integrated liability coverage and an array of risk management services to help those insureds manufacturing, distributing, or using nanoparticles or nanomaterials assess and manage their products liability exposures.
Commercial and residential contractors use this coverage to bring financial certainty to legacy exposures. A "reverse follow form," it covers our policyholder's retained (SIR) amounts which are incurred but not reported under certain prior insurance policies, removing a looming financial exposure.
Registries that issue and track carbon offset credits now have essential protection if purchasers or others allege that credits were issued in error. Our professional liability policy responds to errors and omissions claims arising from acts by the insured registry or by a third party verifier acting on their behalf.
LexWildfire Smoke
Lexington commercial property policyholders secure first-ever protection for business income lost if smoke from a local wildfire creates very unhealthy or hazardous air quality that derails outdoor operations
LexCap Overturn
Our medical professional liability policyholders ensure that their policy limits keep pace with their risk if a specific state's cap on non-economic damages is overturned or ruled unconstitutional. Policyholders lock in the option to purchase additional limits at pre-set rates through this award-winning product. Winner of 2010 Business Insurance Innovation Award recognizing leadership, inventiveness and ingenuity in products and services designed for professional risk managers.
Upgrade to Green Builders Risk
Our cutting-edge endorsement enables contractors to address the risks of LEED and GREEN GLOBES rated projects such as those arising from project management, site ecological impacts, and resource consumption. Coverage also responds to losses stemming from changes in rating system criteria or a drop in anticipated rating points due to a covered event.
Discontinued Completed Operations Liability Insurance
Contractors acquiring projects midstream can rely on our claims-made solution to satisfy lenders and address exposures arising from work done by a predecessor contractor.
Lex Idle Asset Liability Protector
Our policy provides multi-year general and excess liability coverage for those investing in residential properties left idle by the economic downturn.
Lex P-3 Solutions
Our tailored insurance and risk management solutions provide end-to-end coverage for public-private partnerships. Insurance supports everything from design and construction, through operation, ownership, and maintenance.
Global Supply Secure
Manufacturers can insure losses arising from failures along their supply chain that are typically not covered under traditional contingent business interruption insurance.
Combining follow form excess casualty and excess financial coverages, OMNI GOLD gives institutions of higher education one efficient way to address diverse catastrophic risks ranging from tenure-related discrimination class actions, to food-borne illnesses.

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